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Dance Responsibly at Club Cirque

Dance Responsibly at Club Cirque

To all our wonderful guests and friends in the music festival community: We want you to dance and play, enjoy the music and the experience. But please take care of yourselves and each other.

Guests at our events often enjoy vigorous physical activity including dancing; people will sometimes get sick from overheating and dehydration. Drinking lots of water has always been encouraged, and drinking water is good…But, be aware that drinking too much plain water can be dangerous!

Some of the illness and deaths surrounding music events have been associated with low levels of electrolytes that are lost along with water when one becomes dehydrated. Such low levels of electrolytes, especially salt, can lead to brain swelling, seizures, heart problems and even death.

Like athletes in sporting events, your body needs to replace the minerals AND the water it is losing in sweat. Sports drinks containing electrolytes (for example Gatorade and Powerade) provide these essential electrolytes and should supplement the water you drink to rehydrate.

Some drugs like MDMA (Molly, ecstasy….) can make the low electrolyte level worse and increase your chances of harm. The Club Cirque does not endorse or condone their use, but if you or someone around you needs help and has taken something that you are concerned about, it is important that you tell our staff. We are here to help and never judge.

As part of our ongoing efforts to make your concert experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, Club Cirque will be making every effort to provide electrolyte-supplemented rehydration drinks available to our guests. They will also be available in our medical tents as part of our first-aid treatment.

Please remember that Club Cirque considers all of our music fans as guests at our events, and will always do everything we can to provide an enjoyable and safe experience. Never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have at our events.